Sept. 12, 2020 Published on Japanese paper: Yomiuri Shimbun 

- General overview about the EU funded fishskin project, re: utilizing waste as a fashion material.

- Ethical concerns around the working environment and processing of exotic leather

- Seika University participation with a traditional textile dyer and the challenges of colorfastness with dyeing fish leather.

- Yonehara's commentary on hopes to expand the demand and clientele for the Kyoto textile dyeing industry, by taking on this new challenge

- Section on Ainu shoes, bags, and ritual garments made of fish skin and the case of Ferragamo using fishleather after WWII.

- The leather pictured in the top photo are the fishskin dyed by Mr. Matsuyama in Kyoto

-The fish leather clutches are designed by Elisa Palomino for Fishskinlab