At University of the Arts London (UAL), we recognise the potential of the arts to mobilise against the Climate Emergency. To contribute to the challenge of securing a sustainable future for everyone, we’re championing our climate justice commitments across all our operations — including our goal to reach net zero by 2040 and embedding social and environmental sustainability into the curriculum.

Research and Knowledge Exchange (KE) also play a key role in our mission to fight for a more sustainable world. Here’s a round-up of 10 projects illustrating how we're using the power of creativity and innovative thinking to address some of the most pressing challenges relating to the present and future of our planet


Inspired by the practices of indigenous people in Northern Europe and Asia, FishSkin aims to take advantage of the momentum of the fashion circularity movement by bringing back fish leather as a potentially ecological raw fashion material.

The project uses secondments and network training events to form new, collective, inter-disciplinary knowledge that tap into the expertise of Marine Culture and Fashion industries. This resource is then used by academic and industry experts to develop techniques and methodologies which would enable the take-up of fish leather at an industrial scale.